Cultural Events


"Ullas," the cultural fest organized by the Army Institute of Education (AIE), is an annual celebration of the institution's vibrant diversity and artistic talents. The festival, named after the Sanskrit word for "joy," brings together students, faculty, and staff for a week of cultural splendor. Ullas features a rich tapestry of dance, music, drama, fashion, and visual arts, fostering unity and appreciation for diverse traditions. This event underscores AIE's commitment to holistic education, providing students with opportunities to excel in both academics and the arts.

Kala Utsav

From January 13 to January 21, 2023, the Army Institute of Education (AIE) hosted "Kala Utsav," a week-long cultural festival celebrating artistic brilliance and cultural diversity. This event showcased a wide array of artistic expressions, including dance, music, drama, visual arts, and literature. Participants from AIE and the surrounding region transformed the campus into a vibrant hub of cultural exchange. "Kala Utsav" exemplified AIE's dedication to nurturing holistic development, providing a platform for creative exploration and expression.

AWES Youth Fest

The "Youth Fest," organized by the Army Welfare Educational Society (AWES), serves as a vibrant platform for young talents to shine. This event fosters artistic expression, community, and competition among youth from various schools and institutions. AIE's students and faculty actively participate in a wide range of arts and culture events, showcasing their exceptional talents. The Youth Fest combines competition with camaraderie, promoting learning, growth, and memorable experiences for all participants.


"Anugoonj," the annual cultural fest of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU), is a grand celebration of culture, creativity, and artistic expression. This event brings together students from the university and its affiliated colleges to showcase their talents in various cultural events. The Army Institute of Education (AIE) actively participates in "Anugoonj," with students excelling in dance, music, theater, debates, and art exhibitions. AIE's involvement highlights its commitment to holistic education, fostering a creative and vibrant student community.