To prepare intellectually competent, socially concerned, morally upright and technically inclined teachers who act as catalyst to shape the destiny of India.


To empower prospective teachers through continuum of knowledge and wisdom by equipping them with latest techniques assisted by technology.


The objectives of the institute are as follows:-

  • To provide teacher training facilities to the wards/dependents of the Army personnel including the war widows.
  • To equip trainee teachers with skill-sets that would enable them to integrate into the existing school system with ease.
  • To create teachers with high levels of sensitivities in the domain of social and emotional intelligence.
  • To inculcate the qualities of National Integration, Tolerance, Justice, Fraternity, Liberty and Equality in the future teachers.
  • To enable trainee teachers to acquire the knowledge, attitude and skills about the needs of differently-abled learners in inclusive and special schools.
  • To provide opportunities to explore and discover integration of technology into the teaching learning process.
  • To develop reflective practitioners in the teaching learning process.
  • To infuse 21th century skills like critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration and leadership among future teachers.
  • To sensitize future teachers about the global challenges and make them able to provide quality education.