Academic Block (B.Ed)

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The B.Ed. academic block comprises four classrooms (Rooms A, B, C, and D) that adhere to NCTE standards. Room A and B each cover an area of 70.40 square meters, while Room C spans 53.25 square meters, and Room D covers 53.07 square meters. All these classrooms are centrally air-conditioned and are equipped with essential amenities, including projectors, whiteboards, soft boards, and podiums.

Moreover, the design of the academic block prioritizes universal accessibility, devoid of any hindrances. This is achieved through the incorporation of features such as ramps, handrails, and appropriate signage in both classrooms and washrooms, ensuring accessibility for individuals of all abilities.

Academic Block (B.Ed Special Education)

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The Inclusive Wing of the Army Institute of Education in Greater Noida prioritizes diversity and equity. Its Inclusive Library, Classroom, and ICT Room provide equal support for all students, regardless of background or ability. The Library offers accessible resources, fostering exploration and growth for every learner. In the Classroom, diversity is celebrated, nurturing collaborative learning experiences. The ICT Room boasts cutting-edge technology and a personalized Learning Management System, empowering students with interactive learning opportunities. Fully technology-driven, the institute ensures inclusivity by breaking down barriers, enabling all students to thrive in a diverse educational environment.

Administrative Block

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Accounts Office: Situated on the Ground Floor of the Main Building is the Accounts Office.

Administrative Office: The Administrative Office is positioned on the Ground Floor of the Main Building, next to both the Accounts Office and Registrar's office.

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall encompasses an area of 263.41 square meters. This air-conditioned room accommodates approximately 204 individuals and is outfitted with audio-visual systems featuring recording capabilities. Additionally, it includes a projector screen and a podium. The Seminar Room is utilized for hosting significant co-curricular and extra-curricular events, including guest lectures, group discussions, international programs, speaker sessions, seminars, and symposia, among others.

Conference Hall

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Spanning an area of 70.91 square meters, the conference hall is fully air-conditioned. It can comfortably seat around 16 people and is situated on the ground floor. The hall is equipped with advanced ICT infrastructure, including audio-visual facilities, projectors, comfortable seating, and a podium. Appropriate lighting arrangements and provisions for darkening the space during presentations make it an ideal venue for essential curricular and extra-curricular activities such as seminars, discussions, debates, special lectures, council meetings, society events, conferences, and more.

TLRC (Teaching & Learning Resource Room)

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Situated on the second floor, the Teaching Learning and Resource Center (TLRC) chamber is outfitted with air conditioning and is thoroughly furnished with vital provisions, including projectors, a whiteboard, and a Smart Board. This area has been expressly designated and meticulously fashioned to enrich the educational process, functioning as an all-encompassing hub for Teaching Learning Material (TLM).

Math Resource Centre

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AIE's Math Resource Centre is a dedicated space for students to receive personalized support and access to resources. Staffed by passionate educators, the centre offers one-on-one guidance, clarifies concepts, and provides practice materials tailored to each student's needs. It empowers students on their mathematical journey, offering interactive tutorials and hands-on activities. Teacher candidates gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts through interactive tutorials and hands-on activities. The centre also offers specialized workshops on teaching techniques, assessment strategies, and real-world applications of mathematics. AIE's prepares educators-in-training to inspire a lifelong love for learning and mathematical proficiency in their future students.

Psychology Lab

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AIE's Psychology Lab is a state-of-the-art facility with over 50 tests and tools to evaluate various aspects of mental functioning, including Intelligence, Aptitude, Interests, Attitudes, Personality, Psycho-diagnostics, and Memory Tests. This comprehensive resource provides valuable insights into students' mental well-being. Beyond assessments, the lab offers psychotherapy and counseling services across educational, vocational, and personal domains, providing students with essential support to navigate their academic journey. AIE prioritizes mental health as a crucial part of a student's overall well-being, fostering a supportive environment where they can excel academically while nurturing their mental and emotional health.

Computer and Educational Technology Lab

At the Army Institute of Education (AIE), technology is a significant component of education. To support this, the institute has established a Computer and Educational Technology Lab that houses has 73 computers, with 55 for student use in various areas such as the Computer Lab, ICT Resource Rooms, Special Education ICT Lab, Science Lab, Psychology Lab, Teaching Learning Resource Centre (TLRC), and Library. An additional 14 computers serve faculty and office functions. The computers are multimedia-enabled and equipped with i5/i3 processors, 3GB RAM, and 320GB HDD. The ICT Lab offers an immersive learning environment with two televisions, a music system, an audio mixer, and an extensive library of over 115 educational CDs. In 2022, a 2TB External USB Hard Disc was added for secure data backup at the library, and a Hand Held 1D and 2D Barcode reader was introduced for efficient book issuance and returns. Additionally, four new 32GB and five new 16GB USB 3.0 Pen drives were upgraded for data storage and transfer. The institution also acquired over 20 USB cameras for online meetings and examinations, and employs essential software suites for e-governance.

English Language Lab

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Army Institute of Education (AIE) is utilizing the Wordsworth English Language Lab to enhance students' English language skills. The lab is equipped with advanced software, which offers a range of tools and resources to improve proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English. Students can enhance their language skills through interactive exercises, immersive simulations, and practice modules. The lab also provides a supportive environment for independent learning, allowing students to progress at their own pace. Moreover, trained instructors offer guidance, track progress, and provide personalized feedback. This combination of self-directed learning and expert support ensures that students can maximize their language acquisition potential. AIE's Wordsworth English Language Lab is a testament to their commitment to providing a world-class education that prepares students for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Science Lab

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The Science Lab at AIE is a well-equipped facility for students in classes VI to X, offering a variety of experiments in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students can explore the intricacies of electricity and optics through circuits, electromagnetism, and light behaviour. Chemistry enthusiasts can learn quantitative analysis and solution chemistry through salt and titration techniques. Biology students can explore adaptation patterns through microscope slides, providing insights into biological structures and functions. The lab serves as a dynamic hub for experiential learning, fostering a strong foundation in fundamental sciences. Overall, it serves as a dynamic hub for experiential learning.

Medical Facilities at Army Institute of Education

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Army Institute of Education (AIE) prioritizes the health and safety of its students by establishing a comprehensive medical infrastructure on campus. The institute has well-equipped first-aid facilities and a specialist doctor on hand for immediate medical attention. Students have swift access to the ECHS Polyclinic, located 500 meters from the institute, for prompt and efficient medical care in case of emergencies. AIE has also formed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with healthcare institutions in Greater Noida, including Kailash Hospital and Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital, to ensure specialized care and holistic development. AIE believes that a sound mind requires a healthy body, and its robust medical facilities and strategic partnerships reflect its commitment to providing a secure and nurturing learning environment.

Boys Hostel

The institution features an on-campus Boys Hostel intended for housing male students hailing from diverse regions of the nation. This hostel is segregated into two sections, named Kailash and Shivalik. It accommodates a total of 152 students, with allocations distributed across different semesters of the College's varied courses. The Boys Hostel is equipped with comprehensive Wi-Fi, furnished living spaces, a distinct dining area, a communal lounge, and adjacent lawns.

Girls Hostel

The institution also offers an on-campus Girls Hostel designed to accommodate female students arriving from various parts of the country. This hostel is divided into two segments, known as Gargi and Maitreyi. It accommodates a total of 163 students, with allocations distributed across different semesters of the College's diverse courses. The fully equipped Wi-Fi enabled Hostel features furnished accommodations, a separate dining facility, a shared lounge area, and attached lawns.